tisdag 30 augusti 2016

The Return Of The Young Pennsylvanians

The Return Of The Pennsylvanians

Bona Fide 16724-66 USA 1983

Vintage Review:
"The front cover states "14 Prime Cuts - No Fillers," but don't believe it. Despite some indispensable classics, this compilation is an overall disappointment. Why Bona Fide chose to release the Loose Enz' previously unreleased "Mister You're A Better Man Than I" (it should have been left in the vault, locked securely) and include the Kindred Spirit's "Blue Avenue" (from 1969!) instead of any of dozens of other singles s beyond me. The Centurys' "Hard Times," and "And I Cried" (check out their fab '65 demos, alos on Bona Fide), plus a couple of others, make this record worth buying, but it is hardly a fair representation of what the state of Pennsylvania had to offer in the mid-sixties. 
If you buy this record please heed my warning: there is a photo of Kindred Spirit on the back cover - don't look directly at it!"
- Ray Brandes (Originally published in Ugly Things #3, 1984)

Back From The Grave had been released when mr. Brandes wrote this review. I don't think one should, or could for that matter, underestimate the impact mr. Warren's new standard had set.

Pebbles were getting boring, AIP were pumping out sub-standard comps that left a lot to be desired audio-wise. A myriad of comps and re-releases were raining down on the ever-famined garage fiends.
A lot was shit, or pressed on crap vinyl, or just plain boring. 
In those days you could actually make a quick buck putting out a comp like this, so some of these old comps carry a certain scent of a quick-buck-made.

But 33 years can work wonders and it is hard not to get charmed by this little album. It can't hold a candle to other comps released in 1983 when it comes to "killers" but.. what can I say.. it breathes. It's not action-packed. And I mean that in a good way. Sometimes you just want to slap on something and don't go into instant party-mode. And it wasn't (then anyway) full of repeats.

I saw someone whining about the artwork - aaaah, stop that shit! The artwork is fantastic! I wish more comps looked like this. Fuck all those computer covers everyone does nowadays. I've even blasted myself for all my impotent covers because this is how a cover should look like!

Do I have any negative criticism? Naaah.. A lot of these tracks are somewhat forgettable - sure. But that don't mean they're bad! What more can I say...? If you're new to the scene you might find it hard to get into it. You shouldn't start here. 

God I'm rambling. You can tell that it's been a while since I posted anything.

"This is generally regarded as a sequel to the Penn Unknowns comp though I think there's different people behind them. In any event this one's decidedly inferior with most of the killers already reissued elsewhere."

Yeah I think it's the same guys who put out Gathering Of The Tribes in 1982 that made this (it's on the same label, as is Attack Of The Jersey Teen which I'll upload later), and I strongly suspect they are germans. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

måndag 29 augusti 2016

Welcome back!

Hey everybody!

R.I.P. Tom Kirby

I was very sad to hear of Tom's passing. Tom was the drummer of the classic punkers Tonto & the Renegades. He was a warm soul and an inspiration and very proud and happy of the impact of Tonto & the Renegades. I had the honour to exchange a couple of words with him at the forum and he was always real cool, wise and was always happy to answer any question. Rest in peace buddy. Thanks for the music.

But life is not only sad. I hope you had a nice summer. I know I had. 
I've already revamped a couple of comps and hope to upload some this week.

Dead links? Got 'em! You know you run an old blog when links die but enough new people come to report it.
I'm never to far away to rectify that. And I'm happy to do it.

I'll be back later with The Return Of The Young Pennsylvanians.

lördag 11 juni 2016

Hey everybody!!

I'm regrouping and taking a break from blogging for a little while. You know how it is. I hope to return to you soon with new comps of my own and revamped old ones.

Hope to see you in a coupla weeks!

måndag 23 maj 2016

Nederbeat 1965-1969

Nederbeat 1965-1969

I have some followers who are new to sixties garage. 
This set is made for them. For those who haven't heard this yet.

I don't know that much about nederbeat, simply because I don't think it is that good.
I dig the classics and that is pretty much all I know. Too much crap to wade through.

That is why I made this set. These 24 tracks is all I need to hear from this scene.

Most of you have heard them all before. But this set is not for you.
I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did putting it together.

lördag 21 maj 2016

Love Comes, Love Goes

Love Comes, Love Goes

I picked these 16 songs from about 50-60 tracks I had piled together for this volume.
It took me ages to complete and I'm still not happy with it. Mostly because most of the songs are ripped from scratchy sources and fizzles and pops and what with the surface noise and such.

But if you were OK with Return Of The Walrus you should be OK with this.
I see this volume as the third in a trilogy that started with You Take Me For Rides and Walrus being the second.

And this set is a grower. I've been listening to it a lot, and all the songs benefits from repeated listening.
As I have stated many times before: just like psychedelia, moody garage needs a good setting. You need to let it breath. You need to invite it into your home, and you need that home to ready for all the moody gloom and doomy despair..
You can't just yank it out, slap it on and go about your day.
Think of it as an occasion.

Because this set is super-depressing. If you are into that kinda stuff you will be happy. Happy-sad.
So get some napkins, pour yourself a big glass of your poison of choice, close the door, shut the blinds, curl up in a fetal position and hit that play button. And get ready to cry..


"ever since I was a boy I've given my life to you.."

"..vvvats why I say..." yeah Michael, vvvat is that you were sayin?
Super-tight 50s-ish rocker. Totally irresistible.

I think this was the only 45 this canadian band put out. On the flip you can find "Comfort Him"

I don't know where in Canada they resided, when this was released or the actual number.
Below represent the meager information I gathered. Sorry bout that.

(Canada) '65?
Danco 302?


"I remember everything you said, everything you used to do.."

Oh GAAAWD this is heavy.. The Contemporaries suck us down into a maelstrom of guitars, organs and cymbals.
The flip is a so-so instrumental.

(Wilmington, DE) Nov '66
Richie 672


"breaking hearts is the only thing you know how to do.."

First time I heard this, I fell off my chair! It is that good. The sound is huuuuuge. I bet this is one of those one-mic-in-the-middle-of-the-room recordings.

(Sylacauga, AL) '66
Justice LP


"and then I find that she's not coming back, now my whole world is painted black.."

The flip to the insane She Gives Me Time! Fan-duckin-tastic downer grinder. I has a little Heart Full Of Soul about it. So fucken cool. I heard this for the first time ever just a month ago!
It was for a long time a very hard 45 to track down - I think the flip She Gives Me Time that appears on Back From The Grave was mastered from an old mixtape.
I don't know how many there is in existence but the last I heard was 1 confirmed beat-up copy and maybe two more. Actually I think the rip on this is not from the beat-up cooy so there should be at least two copies..
But don't ever take my word for anything, ever. K? K..

(Los Angeles, CA) Jul '66
M-Gee 002


"they said love was a lie.."

Here come the tears. The flip to this 45 is moody too, but this one is the winner. Or, loser.

(New Castle, IN) Jul '66
Showboat 1516


"you think I'm gonna cry over you, you think I'm gonna die over you, you think I'm gonna mess my mind over you.."

Ooooh, yes baby! I hear one guitarist diggin hard on McGuinn's solo in So You Wanna Be A.. and goes flying on unchartered territory. 
Great girl put-down.

(Dunkirk, NY) Oct '67
Shades 71031


"I'm gonna try to find somehow, try to make you love me now, cause I'm never gonna stop lovin' you.."

Believe it or not, but these guys could very well have bumped into The Psychedelic Stooges since both resided in Ann Arbor, Michigan and performed in 1967.
And even if there's no vacuum cleaner on this 45 (The Ig used to play one in '67), it is still a stark performance. It feels very Michigan-y. Great chorus.
The flip She's Gone Far Away is great too.

(Ann Arbor, MI) '67
M-S-I 126220


"why should I trouble myself for a girl who never be mine.."

This was not the only cool song released 45 by the Palace Guards. The flip is equally cool and I suspect you've already heard No Comin' Back.
All in all they released 4 singles from 66 to 69.

I haven't been listening much to Beau Brummels, but it feels like they might be an influence here.
Great track.

(Metarie, LA) Jun '66
U-Doe 104


"give me one reason.."

Super-heartfelt and very cool song. Flip is Old Man River which I strongly suspect sucks very hard.
Still wanna hear it tho..

(???) Oct '65
Teen 900


"the thrill is gone and I can't go on.."

Awesome kiddie-garage featuring the most precocious lyrics I've ever heard. I wouldn't be surprised if it was his dad who wrote the lyrics, probably with the kids mom in mind without the kid knowing it. Fantastically ironic if that was the case. One can only hope.

(New Rochelle, NY) '66
Bruno-Dean Rec. Studio


"every young man in town has had his poor heart broken.."

Aaah, dig that falsetto on the chorus! So cool! Nice jazzy guitar too.

(Hazelwood, NC) Apr '66
Gold Standard 189


"do you want my love?"

Redwoods are ready to do anything to keep their love by their side. Azum jingly-jangly moody teen beat.
They shared label with a bunch of other cool acts, but I don't know jack-shit about Phalanx Records. You google.

(???) Dec '66
Phalanx 1030



Not too shabby flip on this, but Why is whadditz all about. I feel a Byrds-y influence, especially in the bass-department and the guit-solo. But I don't know.
I have to say that it feels a little, just a tiny bit, ahead of its time - this is 1965 and they still sound soo soo bitter and cynical.

(Riverside, CA) Aug '65
Circle 953


"what can I do?"

Tidal Waves released 3 45s on HBR, two in 66 and one in 67. This is their best.

(Detroit, MI) Jul '65
HBR 482


"I wish that I had a love of my own, a love that will never ever die - loneliness is mine.."

Ok, this time I can't say that this is better than the flipside because the flip is this. But I can tell you that this 45 has total playability. Both sides are totally awesome, even if the flip is godhead.

Esquires put out 4 45s on Glenvalley from 65 to 66.

(Irving, TX) Sep ' 65
Glenvalley 103


 Let's wrap this up with the ultimate downer track. We're not talking the usual depresso here, no we're talkin "one of these day you'll be the blame I took a nose-dive into this gas-oven" kinda track. Some heavy shit here goin on.
The whole song reads like a suicide letter and the swamped honking saxophone doesn't help.

(Greenville, NC) Mar '66
JCP 1037

lördag 14 maj 2016

The Psychedelic Experience

The Psychedelic Experience

Lysergia 1994
Subtitled The Ultimate Journey Through Late 60s Psychedelia

This is the precursor to The Psychedelic Experience-series that spanned over four volumes. 
Seemingly compiled by a bunch of freaky Stockholmanians, Patrick the Llama being one. I think Stefan Kery could have had a finger in it too. I don't really know.
Could be a world-wide effort.

I get a little bit frustrated with this, I have to tell you.
This could have been in the Psychedelic Disaster Whirl category. And Psychedelic Disaster Whirl is one of the greatest comps in the world! (Psychedelic Experience even repeat What Good Is Up which is strange. They should have had access to other, uncomped, 45s..)
Instead they choose to take that odder way, the bizarre path of Relics or Echoes In Times or Endless Journey even, by mixing exquisite acid punkers with yawn-ish psychedelic album cuts.

I had much more preferred a thematic, chronological approach as that of the first 3 volumes of Highs In The Mid Sixties.
If they had put all acid-punkers from all four albums on one set - that had burned a hole in your speakers and your mind.

But! This is an excellent album and has this very special atmosphere about it and I love it - even if it has a way too many repeats on it och and even if there's some party-poopin' snore-chedelic cuts on it.
I thanks the repeats - I wouldn't have heard them if it wasn't for this! And the party-poopin' snore-chedelic cuts create that certain anything-can-happen feel. Then again, you have to have an open mind to take it all in.

The original album has some uncredited trippy tidbits but not on my version - I didn't even want to try to start to replicate that. 

You can buy it now for the ridiculous price of 75 bucks over here.

Says the Llama:
"From Lysergia's music department comes this conceptual garage psych comp in a mindblowing dayglow sleeve and a ltd ed of 300. Since reviewing this may seem like tooting our own whistle, let's just say the response to it has been truly great and all copies went quicker than a paycheck. Incidentally, the title is to be taken in a literal, chemical sense."

torsdag 12 maj 2016

Highs In The Mid Sixties Vol. 19: Michigan Part Three

Highs In The Mid Sixties Vol. 19: Michigan Part Three

AIP 1985

This would be the last of the Michigan Highs. It starts out strong with the racing high-energy frat-tastic Look Away but then we have to ride through the Dylan-esque snooze-fest This Mornin', the awkward Tears Tears (the flip is 10000000 times better) and the obligatory turd - Be Careful With Your Carful.

After that we have a real smooth ride, and even if I'm not that crazy about Times Passed I know a lot of others who are.

I had to use vinyl rips from the original HITMS on two tracks; This Mornin' and Be Careful With Your Carful.